We accompany you to know the most interesting archaeological sites on the island; in addition we provide you with all the information you need for a relaxing holiday.

TransferSardinia.com organizes excursions all over Sardinia. Our guides, all mothertongue and with the regional tourist guide license, will bring you to the most charateristic parts of the island.

TransferSardinia.com will help you in visiting the most fascinating archeological sites, the best wildlife courses, the marvelous worldwide known karst caves, or the exclusive culture and architecture of the nuraghe – ancient structures that are only found in Sardinia.

TransferSardinia.com can help you when organizing archeological or artistic excursions, as well as culinary and ethnographic excursions focusing on the traditions and folklore festivals that are found year-round all over Sardinia.
Furthermore TransferSardinia.com can introduce you to the most beatiful beaches with crystal clear water, and help you spend an unforgettable time, as only Sardinia can offer.

All itiniraries and excursions are completely customizable.
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