We organize tours of all kinds, thinking of every detail from A to Z and providing you with a vehicle suitable for your needs.

TransferSardinia.com is able to organize tours of any kind, taking care of all details from A to Z, to allow you to make maximum use of your time to explore this splendid island.

We can offer you a comfortable vehicle that suits perfectly your needs, a “mother tongue” tourist guide, and a vast selection of hotels, restaurants, B&B’s and agritourism where you can spend your holidays.

Obviously each of the following itineraries can be personalized.

Here are some examples:

  • Enogastronomical tour with visits to different locations where you can taste Sardinian wine, and typical local cheeses, lunches, etc.
  • Religious tour to learn more about our most important churches, from local churches to cathedrals, as well as our saints and places of pilgrimage.
  • Historical-cultural tour to experience the Sardinian culture and understand the origins of this antique soil.
  • Archeological tour to visit and discover the most intriguing sites on the Sardinian territory, from the antique Nuraghe over the remains of the Fenician and Roman empires to the medieval period and present times.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for offers and questions.